Landmark Achievement for Hei Hei Health Centre

RNZCGP Cornerstone Logo


Hei Hei Health Centre is proud to announce that we are now RNZCGP Cornerstone Accredited.

So, what does that mean for you?


Over the last 18 months we have been working hard to ensure that all our systems and processes, building, documents and policies all meet the very highest standard against which they can be measured.

The process has involved an in-depth review of all aspects of our practice. culminating in a whole day when auditors from the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners visited to ensure we met the required standards.

You can be assured:

  • We meet all the legal requirements for good medical practice
  • We have excellent strategies for delivering high quality healthcare
  • We have all the facilities needed to meet your needs now and into the future
  • Our practice is robust and has great organisation
  • We are committed to Continuing Quality Improvement

Although the process has been exacting and the workload considerable, we feel that it has been worthwhile - experience during the earthquakes showed that having good procedures and policies meant that we were ready when others were hunting for their emergency gear.

If you are interested in how we do things why not check out our 'behind the scenes' section which includes all of our policies.  We welcome any comments and especially any suggestions you might have for improvement.

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